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Where to rent a cheap Teamspeak server? You are in the right place! We are an authorized Teamspeak 3 hosting provider as you can see on our teamspeak 3 ATHP page. We offer to rent cheap Teamspeak 3 servers of the same high quality as the big leading providers for guilds, clans, teams, gaming groups and communities. Our main goal is to allow those who have a limited budget to lease affordable TS3 servers hosting, our philosophy ensures that you pay less because quality and low prices can co-exist in the TS3 host providers. It is important for us to run our company as a hobby and more for fun than for profits, we are a small team and we intend to stay small because it is easier to take care of our clients this way. Our team work hard to bring you the best as a TS3 servers bargains host rental, then please give us your comments and feedback, we will use it to evaluate changes and make improvements on our Teamspeak hosting deals services.


With our control panel, you can start, stop and restart. You can create and delete tokens, ban users & IP addresses and create snapshots. From the client area, you can track your billing or buy cheap Teamspeak servers.


We want every customer to be a happy customer. Then, if you believe that the leased cheap TS3 server hosting does not have an optimal voice quality, our refund policy allows you to cancel within the first five days and receive a full refund.


If you have a question about your TS3 hosting rental, do not hesitate to chat with us at the bottom right corner of our website or add us on Skype for immediate assistance during our office hours (7am to 8pm eastern Time, 7 days a week). If we are offline, you can open a support ticket in your account. We also suggest you to visit our FAQ from the top menu and visit the official TeamSpeak – YouTube page to see some useful videos that can help you in the configuration of your ordered Teamspeak server.


Teamspeak hosting features: all codecs included, use your own banner

Our current Teamspeak server hosting locations: USA $ Europe

$0,20/slot monthly = 0% off
$0,19/slot quarterly = 5% off
$0,17/slot semi-annually = 15% off
$0,15/slot annually = 25% off + FREE Web Hosting (BUNDLE DEAL)
Secure Payments by PayPal
We will match or beat any better price that you find elsewhere!
* Note: For $5.50 per month you can get a dedicated IP address in a non-shared environment that guarantee a better privacy and security with an extended control over who is allowed to access your stuff. Contact us for this special request.

free custom teamspeak hostname

You can test our Teamspeak3 demo before you RENT, just click a TEST button in USA or Europe!
To get also a FREE Web Hosting plan, choose a BUNDLE DEAL (annual billing cycle only)
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100% uptime guarantee

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